Podcast: Something You Should Know - The Secret to Achieving Any Goal

December 20, 2017


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It is called the “helper’s high.” It’s that feeling you get when you do something nice for someone else. It isn’t only a theory, there is solid evidence that doing the smallest thing for someone else is good for you.

I’ll explore that as we begin this episode of the podcast.

Achieving any goal can be tough, whether it is a New Year’s resolution or some other important goal you want to accomplish. But there is a little secret that makes achieving any goal more likely. Matthew Ferry, a top executive coach for 20+ years and author of the forthcoming book, Quiet Mind, Epic Life (due in 2018) explains how he gets people to achieve their wildest dreams. And it turns out to be pretty simple.

Is there a laser pointer in your house? Sure it is fun to watch your cat chase the light – and there are even toy lasers for kids. But are they safe? Could it damage someone’s eyesight if you point it at them?  Interestingly there has been a case of that happening – but only one. And there are millions of laser pointers. So what’s the deal? The answer is in this episode.

Have you ever wondered why there are hardly any new Christmas songs? Why do we listen to the same old songs every year? Ronald Lankford, scholar and author of the book, Sleigh Rides, Jingle Bells & Silent Nightsreveals why some Christmas songs are popular for decades and why we love those songs so much.

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